What you should and should not use in gold

Golden colors are often synonymous of luxury, elegance, glamor and success. Thanks to this over the years has become a color used primarily during evening events and only few dared to use it during the day.

Currently, gold is one of the stars of the season thanks to designers and brands like Pink Magnolia, Mishcka Badgley, Michael Kors, Jenny Packham, Elie Saab and David Salomon, which propose we use it at any time of day.

When it comes to wearing gold or gold fittings managing the style can be challenging — as most people still associate it with the night clothing and have failed to see it as a color for the “casual chic”. Besides it is a color susceptible to perceptive errors and can be seen as glamorous, which sometimes is your worst enemy.

Here then, I present you a list of YESs and NOs for when it is appropriate to use gold colored clothing – finding the perfect look.


YES: Play with colors.
Gold is a color that has many shades, play with them depending on the occasion and champagne type and choose colors for the day – preferably attached to black tones for the night.


NO: Combining metals.
Unless you’re an expert on the subject, do not mix metal colors in the same outfit. Although sometimes this mixture can be a success, it takes time and practice. I recommend you do not base your outfits in this mixture if you are starting out in this field!


YES: Use it on accessories.
If you don’t feel sure about whether to use gold on clothing, dive into accessories! Whether bags, shoes, or jewelry, gold is the perfect accessory complement to any outfit.


NO: Use faded accessories.
Just as gold can be the perfect touch to any outfit, when the gold color fades out of your accessories, it can ruin your outfit completely. I recommend you avoid unpainted or faded gold accessories.


YES: Choose a main piece.
When wearing gold clothing, concentrate in one main piece, then look into combining it with other colors or patterns that make it stand out like the neutral tones and vivid colors.


NO: Do not use gold on both your feet and head.
Few people can manage to have a perfect outfit that is composed entirely of gold as this color can be a bit difficult at the time of mixing all components of your outfit. It is advisable to focus on one piece and complement with other colors.


YES: Play with textures.
Blast your creativity by making different textured gold outfits. Choose clothing with sequins, fur, gauze, silk and any texture you can imagine.


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