Two Ways to Wear Black&White

It’s clear that one of the upcoming trends is black and white, and after watching the Chanel fashion show in Paris in front row seats I learned the two ways to wear the two colors. You can keep white on one side, and black on the other, or have both colors on one garment with prints. This is the new “must have” item and it’s all we’ve seen in stores.

Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite celebrity looks.


Alice Dellal pairs an all black outfit with white shoes.


Zero Dark Thirty Star Jessica Chastain wears a white shirt and black pencil skirt.

laura Marie-Josee-Croze

Whose black and white look did you like better, Laura Hayden or Marie Josee Croze?


Milla Jovovich looks classy in her white shirt and black trousers. Vanessa Paradis goes for a more casual look.


The second way to wear black and white is what you have seen in all the stores: clothes stained with black and white prints. I personally don’t like the patterns as much.


What about you? How do you like to pair your black and white outfits?


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