Portadas de VOGUE por grandes artistas del siglo XX


La revista Vogue ha sido un espejo de los movimientos artísticos de cada época desde que publicaron la primera edición en 1892. Su compromiso con el arte y la moda siempre ha estado acompañado de artistas famosos, fotógrafos importantes, pintores e inclusive escultores. Tal vez las obras más conocidas son las fotografías de genios como lo fueron Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn o Herb Ritts (Vogue fue la primera revista en publicar una fotografía en su portada). Además de esto, Vogue ha contado con obras maestras como portada de grandes pintores como lo fueron Miró, Andy Warhol y Salvador Dalí.

Durante los primeros años de la revista, los ilustradores más habituales eran Eduardo García Benito, Bonnie Cashin, Wright Ethel y Georges Lepape. Lograban hacer impecables dibujos que reflejaban las colecciones de la temporada, pero que también representaban las tendencias artísticas. Las portadas de los años 20 están inundados con el espíritu art-decó, personalmente, eran mis favoritas. En los años 30 sería André E. Marty quien se encargaría de realizar la mayoría de los diseños de las cubiertas. Salvador Dalí creó cuatro portadas en total desde 1944 y su colega Marcel Duchamp también apareció indirectamente en una portada en la que un modelo posó junto a “El Vaso Grande” fotografiada por Erwin Blumenfeld. Desde ese año, las cubiertas ilustradas eran cada vez más escasas a medida que la fotografía fue tomando el control. Sin embargo es importante recordad por ejemplo el retrato de Carolina de Mónaco por Andy Warhol o las exquisitas pinturas de Joan Miró…

Andy Warhol, 1984

Andy Warhol, 1984

Joan Miro, 1979

Joan Miro, 1979

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Carl Eric, 1935

Carl Eric, 1935

Ethel Wright, 1902

Ethel Wright, 1902

René Bouché, Picasso. 1948.

René Bouché, Picasso. 1948.


What you should and should not use in gold

Golden colors are often synonymous of luxury, elegance, glamor and success. Thanks to this over the years has become a color used primarily during evening events and only few dared to use it during the day.

Currently, gold is one of the stars of the season thanks to designers and brands like Pink Magnolia, Mishcka Badgley, Michael Kors, Jenny Packham, Elie Saab and David Salomon, which propose we use it at any time of day.

When it comes to wearing gold or gold fittings managing the style can be challenging — as most people still associate it with the night clothing and have failed to see it as a color for the “casual chic”. Besides it is a color susceptible to perceptive errors and can be seen as glamorous, which sometimes is your worst enemy.

Here then, I present you a list of YESs and NOs for when it is appropriate to use gold colored clothing – finding the perfect look.


YES: Play with colors.
Gold is a color that has many shades, play with them depending on the occasion and champagne type and choose colors for the day – preferably attached to black tones for the night.


NO: Combining metals.
Unless you’re an expert on the subject, do not mix metal colors in the same outfit. Although sometimes this mixture can be a success, it takes time and practice. I recommend you do not base your outfits in this mixture if you are starting out in this field!


YES: Use it on accessories.
If you don’t feel sure about whether to use gold on clothing, dive into accessories! Whether bags, shoes, or jewelry, gold is the perfect accessory complement to any outfit.


NO: Use faded accessories.
Just as gold can be the perfect touch to any outfit, when the gold color fades out of your accessories, it can ruin your outfit completely. I recommend you avoid unpainted or faded gold accessories.


YES: Choose a main piece.
When wearing gold clothing, concentrate in one main piece, then look into combining it with other colors or patterns that make it stand out like the neutral tones and vivid colors.


NO: Do not use gold on both your feet and head.
Few people can manage to have a perfect outfit that is composed entirely of gold as this color can be a bit difficult at the time of mixing all components of your outfit. It is advisable to focus on one piece and complement with other colors.


YES: Play with textures.
Blast your creativity by making different textured gold outfits. Choose clothing with sequins, fur, gauze, silk and any texture you can imagine.

Some Fashion History: What Does The Pope Wear?


The most photographed tailoring these days can be found at number 34 Via Santa Chiara in Rome, a little shop named Gammarelli. This little shop has been in charge of clothing Popes for centuries and is drinking in all the attention they’re getting. They prepared three white cassocks to be offered to the newly elected Pope in different sizes so he can present himself to the world as well as possible.

I have always been fascinated by religious clothing: it’s wealth and pageantry is about the importance of beauty and raised us to be the top. Not only that, little has changed from the original looks, which highlights the importance of these clothes. We use these white clothes to identify the Pope in the same way we identify a king because he’s wearing a crown.


Nonverbal communication is still very present in religious clothing, which is why I find the analysis to be very interesting. Since we will be exposed to a barrage of information from the Vatican for several days, it is worth it to know how to identify the dress codes. During his reign Pope Benedict XVI recovered Papal attire that had been forgotten. The Saturn (red shovel hat and embroidery), the camauro (red velvet hat trimmed in white ermine), and the hood (red velvet brimmed hat) were some of the items that caught our attention.


But if anything, the Pope is identified by his white cassock, his skullcap (white cap that only God should discard), his pectoral (cross), the fisherman’s ring, and fascia (white sash with coat embroidery. Other elements, such as the red layer (tabarro) or white coat (called dulleta) are also elements that quickly associate the Roman pontiff.



Hairstyles Ideas for Easter Holidays

The holidays are almost here, do you have plans? Hope so and whether it is to the beach, the countryside or a big city – we have ideas for hairstyles that make you look fresh and relaxed in these Easter holidays:

1. Loose braid on the side, perfect to rest your hair from products applied daily. Its a classic look with a little twist, looks great and is comfortable.


2. Ponytail does not have to be perfect and the more hip the more stylish you’ll look — opt for giving volume to the hair that falls.


3. Use a little hair wax to give your hair some weight and get the California girl beach look.


4. Classic bun — protect your hair from the sand with a high bun, learn do it yourself in this tutorial.


5. Side bow tail — give a girly air to your hair making a bow to cover the hair tie.


6. Herringbone braid or fishtail, a perfect choice to stay groomed all day and stand out. Learn how to do it step by step here.


“Por ella soy Eva” breaks ratings records in its finale.

The popular telenovela “Por ella Imagesoy Eva”, starring Jaime Camil and Lucero, aired its final episode on March 8 reaching 8.8 million viewers. It made Univision the #1 broadcast network of the night besting ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. It is really amazing to think how strong Univision has become as a network; it is definitely a force to be reckoned with and officially one of the major networks in the US. Its programming includes many telenovelas and variety shows, some I really enjoy and others…not so much!

I tried watching “Por ella soy Eva” a few times, mainly because of Lucero, but it didn’t really grab my attention. It had a classic plot with a twist that I don’t want to spoil, but it wasn’t my favorite. Still the quality of the production was superb and was probably quite expensive to make. I love that telenovelas are evolving into high budget projects with more complex storylines.

Some fun facts about the episode: The finale ranks among the Top 10 primetime telenovela finales of all-time on Univision (since 1992) with Adults 18-49. It is the ninth consecutive Friday night that Univision ranks as the No. 1 broadcast network among Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34.


GLAM Belleza Latina


Esta es la portada de la edición inaugural de la revista que acaba de lanzar Glamour, se llama “Glam Belleza Latina” y claramente está dirigida al público hispano en Estados unidos. Desde el momento que las grandes empresas en Estados Unidos reconocieron el poder de compra del mercado Latino, siento que cada vez se va lanzando una nueva marca con nosotros en mente. Siempre y cuando el producto sea de buena calidad y genuinamente latino, yo digo ¡Bienvenido!

¿A quien escogieron para la portada de su primer numero? Claro que a Jennifer Lopez. No es necesario introducirla ya que casi todos la conocemos aquí y en el mundo, siendo una de las mujeres latinas más famosas y reconocidas. Desde que la vi en American Idol la verdad que me encariñé con ella, me pareció divertida, honesta y sencilla. Por eso me parece una buena elección, es una mujer hermosa y muy interesante, me dieron ganas de comprar la revista!

¿Qué opinan de la selección? ¿Sienten que Jennifer Lopez representa a los latinos?

Two Ways to Wear Black&White

It’s clear that one of the upcoming trends is black and white, and after watching the Chanel fashion show in Paris in front row seats I learned the two ways to wear the two colors. You can keep white on one side, and black on the other, or have both colors on one garment with prints. This is the new “must have” item and it’s all we’ve seen in stores.

Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite celebrity looks.


Alice Dellal pairs an all black outfit with white shoes.


Zero Dark Thirty Star Jessica Chastain wears a white shirt and black pencil skirt.

laura Marie-Josee-Croze

Whose black and white look did you like better, Laura Hayden or Marie Josee Croze?


Milla Jovovich looks classy in her white shirt and black trousers. Vanessa Paradis goes for a more casual look.


The second way to wear black and white is what you have seen in all the stores: clothes stained with black and white prints. I personally don’t like the patterns as much.


What about you? How do you like to pair your black and white outfits?